Telcos aren't equipped for omnichannel customer service

Telcos are some of the most innovative businesses in the world but they aren’t equipped for omnichannel customer service. That’s the conclusion of our latest research paper, ‘The Illusion of Digital Success in the Telecommunications Industry’.

We researched how 54 major European and US telcos offer contact channels to their online visitors and found that rigid rules-based strategies are harming the customer experience and restricting opportunities to profit. Plenty of telcos have invested in online contact channels but are not using them in a way that equates to digital success; they’re not optimizing sales opportunities, they’re not personalizing experiences for each unique web visitor and, when a call from online reaches the call center, they are negating the caller’s previous online journey.

Telcos are able to benefit from a wealth of consumer data, but without equipping for consumers’ omnichannel demands the full benefits of their digital investments will always be frustratingly out of reach.