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Artificial Intelligence that anticipates your visitor behavior


The future of customer experience

future of customer experience

Artificial Intelligence uncovers hidden insights and purchasing patterns that allow you to optimize online sales.


Unlock the true potential of your visitor’s behavioral data

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customer experience with predictive technology that is easy to install and even easier to use.

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Easy Set Up

Now Interact’s AI platform is easy to install and will integrate seamlessly with existing personalization and customer support software.

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Tailored to Your Business

Sophisticated algorithms are uniquely designed to adapt to your sales process and to address your company’s priorities and concerns.

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Unparalleled Support

Quickly address any technical issues with a member of our professional support team who is assigned specifically to you and your industry.

Machine-learning made simple

Easily identify users who prefer a self-guided online experience, those who require additional support, and those who are ready to make, and seamlessly provide the most efficient support channels to drive sales.


Now Interact’s AI analyzes user behavior to understand why they are online, what assistance they need, and when to offer it.


The predictive software displays customized support ensuring that each visitor is only served the option most relevant to their needs.


Each visitor is carefully guided through the sales process to increase conversion, reduce bounce rate, and maximize completed sales.



Now Interact’s algorithms are constantly learning from your visitors to reduce cart abandonment and increase ROI

"Now Interact gives us the ability to optimize and personalize our customer relationship in real-time. Its flexibility, algorithms and machine-learning allow us to focus on different sales and services priorities at the same time."

Ulrika Krés Head of Marketing - Swedbank

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