Eight ways to achieve omnichannel success

Posted on April 3, 2018 by

Companies have spent the last decade developing websites and optimizing their handling of inbound calls; many have experimented with Call Back and Live Chat.

How, when and to whom these channels were offered on websites is often an afterthought and based on opinions such as “we need a phone number in the online sales funnel”; and “we don’t have enough capacity to handle calls: remove the phone number from page X ”.

Offering the same contact centre channels to all website visitors all the time doesn’t make sense: sales opportunities are lost, bad customer experience becomes the norm and unnecessary costs are incurred.

The following steps will provide you with insight into your current situation and help you determine how to better support prospects and clients as well as drive more online- and telephone sales.

Download your copy of the eBook by following this link. And look at the infographic below for a taster – these are eight steps to optimizing your online and contact centre channels.