Now Interact announces Series A Funding

Posted on November 17, 2016 by

A lot has changed in the last 6 years. In 2010, when 68% of the world’s population had a cell phone subscription, only 26% were on the internet. In 2016, that percentage has increased to 49.5%.

We’ve seen cloud computing enter the mainstream, tablets and smartphones overtaking personal computers in terms of internet usage, the creation of the Internet of Things, an explosion in social media usage, and the rise and rise of Artificial Intelligence.

The digital revolution is in full swing, and people are officially tuned in

Why are we talking about 2010? Not only is it a benchmark year for the world’s digital development, it’s also an important year for our company; it’s when we were founded. And a lot has changed at Now Interact over the last six years too. When we started, there were just a few of us working from Stockholm, determined to find a way to unleash the power of omnichannel data to help companies better understand their customers, increase their profits and take full advantage of the opportunity presented by an increasingly digitally focused consumer.

From a handful of us in Stockholm, we’ve grown to more than 30 employees across Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. And are always on the lookout for more!  Keep an eye on our careers page to see our latest vacancies.

And we’re proud that we are helping over 50 leading firms to use Artificial Intelligence to optimize the bridge between digital and offline channels.

New investment, strengthened opportunities

We’ve just raised $5 million in a Series A funding round, led by SEB Venture Capital and Inventure together with existing owner Industrifonden. This investment emboldens our resolve for Now Interact to become synonymous with targeted Artificial Intelligence applications that deliver tangible business results for our customers.

The investment will drive our expansion into the US, which has the potential to become our biggest market. We have already welcomed on our first American partners, and have secured some amazing US clients, and are utterly thrilled to be able to use the investment to build on this momentum.

We’re driven to help more businesses to deliver on their true potential by helping them to intuitively understand consumer behavior, to reduce unnecessary abandonment and to create relevant and meaningful customer experiences. With this new investment, we are perfectly positioned to achieve this.

2010 was a seminal year. And as more and more organizations wake up to how Artificial Intelligence can powerfully transform their sales and service, we’re certain that we’re currently experiencing a similarly important moment in time.