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Data & Insights

We pride ourselves on an industry leading level of detail in our analytics platform. Every interaction is captured, and can easily be combined with any custom data points you find of value.


At the core of everything we do is measurement. We identify what each individual user is doing on your website at every click. We don't just track the basics—we're specialists in measuring how users interact with your contact channels and how this affects their online journey.


For a complex website with multiple contact options, this provides a site-wide unbiased way of monitoring which tools are providing value. Our flexible monitoring system can be actively tailored to meet your specific tracking needs whatever they might be.


Volume & Conversion

We know that when multiple contact channels exist on a website, they frequently interact with one another. Without a unified measuring tool that spans across these channels it's not possible to correctly understand how different channels perform and any possible synergies between them.

This is why we developed our data Insights platform, a comprehensive solution for managing customer relationships in the digital age.


Draw the right conclusions by identifying what actually helped the user, even in cases where the final conversion happened in another channel. Using these insights the channels can then be used collaboratively towards what is best for the business as a whole.



As well as attributing sales to channels, we can also take a step back and look at what is happening online and in marketing channels to drive activity and sales in the contact centre.


We all know that not all traffic behaves the same online or converts at the same rate, but in order to provide our customers with a more holistic overview we provide insights into how that traffic interacts with contact channels.

Benchmarks & Performance 

As a company have been doing this for a long time, and have customers spanning over multiple markets. We will help you compare yourself to others in similar situations. By benchmarking against others, we will identify where and how improvements can be made.

In the end, everything we measure is with the goal of providing a holistic overview of performance across the website and contact channels to help you take the next steps in optimising and improving.

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