A customised program to optimise your contact channel strategy, and bridge the gap between online and offline channels.


Optimize your user experience

Reduce your operating costs, accelerate purchases and increase your revenue by identifying problem areas and opportunities for growth.

Reduce your operating costs

Reduce your operating costs

Reduce your total operating costs with a highly intelligent analysis of your conversion rates and offline support performance.

Reduce your operating costs

Increase your revenue

Increase completed sales by eliminating problem areas and improving your user experience.

Gain confidence

Gain confidence

Make the most of your investments with a well-defined strategy to create digital alignment and maximize ROI.

Create complete omnichannel alignment

Understand what drives your visitors to make a purchase, and what is causing them to bounce, with actionable data about your user behavior, conversion rates, and offline support performance.

Step One



Predict visitor intent with machine-learning algorithms that track online behavior to know whether your users are only browsing, if they need support, and when they are ready to make a purchase.




Conduct a thorough analysis of real-time visitor journeys to gain a deeper understanding of cart abandonment, and learn where, when, and why each individual user jumped ship.




Get a comprehensive report detailing the strength of your website performance and contact channel interactions. Attend stakeholder workshops to enhance your alignment between online and contact center teams, reduce the need for offline support, and increase your online conversions.




Work with our industry experts to create a roadmap for digital transformation that informs your online, sales, and contact center process, to reduce your overall cost of ownership and achieve your business objectives.

Make the most of your user experience

Increase conversions and decrease support costs with Omnichannel Insights

What are the Benefits?

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