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Optimise Sales

Our goal is to create a simple, personalised, and optimal experience across all your contact channels

Sales Channel Optimisation

  • Increase both customer satisfaction and sales conversion.


  • Segment visitors by our propensity to purchase score.

  • Automatically present contact channels based on availability and skillset.

  • Total control over the contact volumes and quality originating from your website.

Artificial Intelligence

Using the latest machine learning techniques we build advanced AI models that we then leverage to choose the optimal available contact channel for each visitor at the right time.

Volume Control

Now Interact will integrate with your existing channels and adapt to the team's availability. We can hide or highlight the available channels across your website, in real-time. Have the power to give each customer the attention they deserve and at the same time maximise  your available contact channel resources.


We offer a fully automated solution that uses advanced AI based scoring for each unique visitor. We combine all available information about the visitor with website behaviour to predict and segment the visitors on propensity to complete an online purchase. The scoring is combined with volume management to present the best available contact channel, and in combination with our proprietary contact widgets increase conversion rates across both desktop and mobile devices.


Leverage your existing tech stack

Now Interact integrates and enhances the performance of your existing tools. If you can't see what you need?
Get in touch, as more are added all the time.

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