What we do


Grow Incremental Sales

Customers and more switched on than ever, and they want assistance in their chosen channel, whenever they need it. So it's easy to see why organisations have spent years adding a multitude of contact options for their website visitors to choose from. However, how do you truly measure incremental sales? How do you know what was substitutional and what incremental? This is where our A.I steps in, to help your organisation understand which sales were true "adds" and how your contact channels are performing.

Reduce cost to serve


So you implemented web chat? messaging? video chat? And yet the phone calls keep coming! With so many channels available today it's easy for organisations to lose sight of a true customer contact strategy.

At Now Interact we'll show you how to bring every channel together into one ecosystem that truly communicates with the business, and your customers. 

Interact with customers that need help, and offer self service options for the customers that don't require help. 


Real time decision engine

Our solution monitors your visitors through every step of their journey, constantly learning, adapting and optimising based on their true intent. 

The ability to interact with a customer, on a personal level, in their channel of choice is a real game changer, not only for your business, but for your customers and the impact you have on their overall experience.


Enhance Customer Experience

In order to improve your customers experience with your brand, firstly you need to understand their online - offline journey, and each and every friction point that may occur during those journey's. Our technology gives you that information, at the touch of button, via our "Insights" platform. Once you understand the size of the opportunity, then together we set about improving that experience, for each and every one of your customers. A fully automated and optimised contact channel strategy is the goal.