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Our Clients

We take great pride in hearing how much our clients value our products  services.


Utilita wanted a solution that was able to interpret, understand and optimise contact channel preference for its customers. After implementing Now Interacts machine learning technology, Utilita are able to:

  • Give priority treatment to those that need it, when they need it

  • Benefit from a huge increase in sales conversion

  • A significant reduction in service call volumes, which are now processed via self service functionality

  • Improve the overall customer experience

Utilita have now scaled the use of Now Interact’s solutions across other areas of the business to mirror the benefits already experienced.


O2 UK first contracted Now Interact for help understanding their customers behaviours, and how those behaviours led to offline interactions such as phone calls or live chat conversations. Fast forward to the present day and Now Interact powers all voice, live chat and whatsApp conversations that originate from the website. Read the full case study here

  • Improved sales conversion rates and incremental sales uplift

  • Delivered bespoke forecasting and optimisation toolkit

  • Zero cannibalisation across contact channels

  • Continually improving customer experience

Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 09.42.59.png

Tele2 needed a solution that was able to interpret, understand and react to mass input of behavioural data in order to increase the profitability of each interaction. The goal was to optimise each contact so that the best possible consumer experience could be achieved.


Now Interact helps Tele2 to optimise both their own customer interaction tools as well as supplying proactive callback and inbound call functionality. By giving priority treatment to high-value visitors with Now Interactʼs Artificial Intelligence, Tele2 is able to increase conversion, empower its contact center advisors and improve the customer experience at the same time.

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Improved conversion

  • Zero cannibalisation

  • Excellent CSAT


"Working with Now Interact has been a pleasure, for a program where the logic behind generating leads is technical, the user interface couldn’t be further from that.


A Simple, Clean, Efficient and Effective interface, with detailed reporting and analytics data available on demand in seconds!


The platform does what it says,  identifying and delivering hot leads that just require the finishing touch to turn into incremental sales


Now Interact as a company have been a pleasure to work alongside, as their people can’t do enough to support the implementation in an ever changing fast paced environment"

Commercial Operations Manager, Vodafone UK

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