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Can the Telecoms sector overcome Silo Syndrome??

The Essence of Telecommunications Sales

The telecommunications sector is characterised by stiff competition, with a central focus on marketing a diverse array of price plans and devices, frequently in a multitude of combinations and promotions. It presents a persistent challenge to formulate offers that distinguish themselves from competitors, thereby driving sales and enhancing profitability.

Nonetheless, consumers often find the various price plans and offers complex and challenging to both understand and compare. Furthermore, committing to a new price plan or the purchase of a new smartphone constitutes a substantial investment. This decision-making process intriguingly interweaves emotional and rational considerations.

The outcome of these factors is that customers contemplating upgrading their phones or transitioning to alternate networks and pricing plans will embark on a purchasing journey. This process typically entails multiple touchpoints across numerous sales channels, such as a variety of websites, retail stores, and call centres. Frequently, these customers have also received contact from their current provider offering an upgrade as their contract nears expiration.

The Phenomenon of Silo Syndrome

Telecommunication companies inarguably recognise the multifaceted nature of touchpoints that consumers encounter during their purchasing journey. However, despite this awareness, diverse sales channels such as retail, online, customer service, and telesales remain operated and incentivised in a disconnected manner. This lack of integration breeds inefficiencies, culminating in a loss of potential sales, equating to millions. We refer to this phenomenon as the 'Silo Syndrome'.

Consider posing the following questions to yourselves:

  • Is there any incentive for a sales channel to innovate and develop methods that could potentially reduce their own sales, but significantly boost sales in a different channel?

  • Does the company have a key executive role with a defined, overarching sales goal? Does this role hold authority to optimise strategies, tactics, and KPIs across all sales channels?

  • Over the past 12 months, how many pilot or innovation projects focusing on channel-agnostic improvements, involving multiple sales channels, have been conducted? Similarly, how many such projects are scheduled for the upcoming 12 months?

  • Are there instances of projects that have been halted due to discrepancies or conflicts amidst various sales channels?

  • Are there instances where sales and performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within one singular channel might inadvertently harm the sales within another channel?

Consider the possibility of a world devoid of silos.

How significantly would your sales surge if your competitors remained plagued by silo syndrome, while your enterprise thrived, having fully optimised cross-channel operations?

We have engaged in insightful discussions with a significant number of decision-makers within telecommunications companies spanning both Europe and the US, delving into this captivating topic with comprehensive research.

Our observations indicate that the impact of the 'silo syndrome' on sales is considerably more damaging than initially perceived by most decision-makers. However, upon exploring the subject jointly with these leaders, we've unanimously concluded the substantial multimillion dollar value associated with dismantling these silos.

Where should we begin?

From our extensive experience, we understand the challenge that many organisations face when tackling the silo syndrome. To address this, we have designed a highly effective methodology. This innovative approach enables companies to swiftly reach a unanimous understanding of the problem's nature and magnitude. Further, it bolsters momentum to execute pragmatic pilots, thereby setting the wheels of change into motion.

We possess comprehensive knowledge about efficacious strategies and potential pitfalls to evade. We would be delighted to share insights gleaned from our diverse experiences across various telecommunications companies.

Supported Digital Sales Operations

Boosting digital sales emerges as a cardinal strategic initiative across numerous organisations. This venture, if executed proficiently, can serve as a propellant for sales and profit. Conversely, it can also be the critical factor plumbing the depths of sales and profit.

Ultimately, the difference lies in the quality of execution.

A pivotal component of an effective strategy is the valuation and management of Assisted Digital Sales within the organisation. Our expertise focuses on leveraging Assisted Digital Sales to optimise performance and contribute significantly towards achieving the overarching strategic goal of enhancing digital sales.

Through our AI-empowered software, we enable businesses to maximise their customer communication channels. Our service assists enterprises in harnessing the full potential of their web and voice channels by pinpointing areas for enhancement and furnishing valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making.

Your website serves as the digital facade of your company, hence it is essential to optimise it for enhancing the customer's experience. We employ advanced Artificial Intelligence-powered software to scrutinise your site meticulously, generating a comprehensive report to guide you towards significantly improving your website's performance.

Our solution is designed to optimise your use of chatbots and cloud channels, fostering customer engagement, converting leads into sales, and ensuring customer retention.

Experience tells us that it can be challenging to overcome the silo syndrome in numerous organisations. Thus, we have cultivated an efficient strategy that aids companies in swiftly achieving a common understanding of the problem's scope and characteristics.

This process fosters the momentum necessary for conducting practical pilot projects that catalyse change.

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