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Now Interact x Whisbi Boost

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

We are delighted to announce that live commerce provider Whisbi has partnered with

Now Interact to power their new visitor Intelligence add-on "Whisbi Boost".

Whisbi’s Live Commerce Platform helps brands maximise website value and convert more web visitors into customers by engaging & guiding them at every step of the customer journey. The platform combines, live video, chat, voice, web/content sharing, and chatbot.

"With Whisbi Boost Visitor Intelligence you can now predict the likelihood of any given website visitor to convert with our brand new AI engine, powered by Now Interact’s machine-learning algorithm! Whisbi Boost helps you understand your web visitors’ behaviour and boost your assisted sales with a sales uplift of more than 10%!"

Assisted selling is one of the best strategies to take the consumer by the hand until they complete the purchase

Whisbi customers are global companies in Telecoms, Automotive, Insurance and Retail, among others, who want to create winning omni-channel customer experiences online. Whisbi’s all-in-one, software-as-a-service gives marketeers the opportunity to add a layer of interactivity and personalisation to their websites and online marketing campaigns while enabling Sales and

E-Commerce executives to increase their conversion rate quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

"This is an exciting development for Now Interact and Im really pleased to see Whisbi Boost go live, and already being used by many of Whisbi's customers.

During the later part of 2019, myself and the rest of the leadership team at Now Interact set about identifying a list of strategic partners we would like to align ourselves with, and whom would benefit from our technology (and vice versa).

Whisbi were an organisation on that original list, and so it makes it even more satisfying to see our partnership finally take off."

Gustaf Ericson

CTO - Now Interact

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