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Our brand new product "Boost", allows our customers to determine their own targeting strategy at the touch of a button. 


01 / ADVANCED A.I based scoring for each unique visitor to your website
02 / SEGMENT visitors by our propensity to purchase score  
03 / COMPATIBLE with all your existing contact channels
Present the right contact option to the right visitor, at exactly the right time!
Our platform delivers a step-change improvement in both
sales conversion and customer experience.


01 / VOLUME control across all your teams and contact channels
02 / PREVIEW mode allows you to see what effect "Boost" will have on your sales lead volumes
03 / INSTANT impact. Boost is immediate, as are the results! 
Apply different levels of "Boost" in order to achieve specific results and objectives.

Total Control
Update target areas,

customer segments, and contact channels all from a single dashboard.


Integrate with 20+
partners including
LivePerson, Adobe and Google Analytics.

Accurate Forecasting

Ensure teams deliver on target, consistently, across all channels.

Increase revenue

Quickly and easily identify opportunities to increase sales numbers

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