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How Utilita increased their conversion rate by over 80%

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Utilita strives to uphold a fair price, offer an easy-to-understand product and provide complete transparency with their service offering. Their aim is to always keep things simple – they want their customers to feel in control of their energy usage and spend.

Utilita wanted a solution that was able to interpret, understand and optimise contact channel preference for its customers.

After implementing Now Interacts solution, Utilita are able to:

  • Give priority treatment to those that need it

  • Realised a marked increase in sales conversion (Increase of over 80%)

  • See a reduction in service call volumes of over 30%

  • Improve overall customer experience

Utilita have now expanded the use of Now Interact’s solution across other areas of the business to mirror the benefits already realised.

“Working with Now Interact opened our eyes to what our customers are looking for, the points at which they contact us, and how we can optimise our contact strategy through the use of A.I.” Louise Walsh Chief Customer Contact Officer

If you want to learn more about how Now Interact can help your business achieve similar results, get in touch now

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