Intelligently engage with your customers. Behavioural targeting to close every sale.

Know who is buying, who is browsing, and who needs help in real-time. Every website visitor, voice call, web chat and message can now be leveraged to convert more, sell more, and satisfy your customers.

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"The results we have achieved using Now Interact are outstanding - one of a kind. Now Interact enables us to keep online sales online; but also add sales on top of that. So far this year we’ve added 10.2% extra sales that we wouldn’t have had without Now Interact."

Isabella Henschel Sales Manager, Customer Service & Telesales - Tele2

Understand your customers better

When people connect with your company, they have a wide range of intentions. Trying to sell to someone who’s browsing can be a turn-off, but making it hard to buy when someone wants to spend money can cost you a sale.

Give every visitor exactly what they’re looking for.

When visitors get exactly what they want, they become customers. When customers get exactly what they want, they become happy customers.

The power of Artificial Intelligence

Close more sales

Figure out who wants information, who wants help, and who wants to buy.

Improve service

Streamline sales & service by combining data from all customer communication channels.

Increase conversions

Personalize your website experience to fit the needs of each individual visitor.

Optimize customer contact channels

With so many channels available to a customer, it's hard to know which to present to whom? That's where Now Interact's machine learning comes in!

Omni-channel platform

Bridge the gap between website & call centre, enabling your team to work together efficiently.

Empower agents and sales staff

The more information your representatives have, the better they can serve the customer.

Improve your company’s visitor journeys.


Solutions tailored for your industry






Customer Service

4 ways that AI drives sales

Understanding your website visitors is critical to success.

And competition between companies selling online is tough. The only way to stand out is by making significant improvements to the customer experience. This ebook explores how AI can help you:

  • develop a real understanding of online data
  • keep visitors online
  • learn why visitors don't convert
  • enable meaningful personalization

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